Rainshadow Romance
Living and writing in the Olympic rainshadow
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"Protected" witnesses are turning up dead. Who can you trust?

 Lynnette Baughman
     When Seattle investigative reporter Carly Benton discovers that protected witnesses are turning up dead, she starts a desperate search for one witness--her sister. Then her only ally, the deputy U.S marshal who knows where Miranda is hiding, is also murdered. With serious reservations, Carly joins Jack Fallon, a mysterious stranger who is suspected of murdering one of the witnesses. He and his shadowy network are trying to find the remaining witnesses to a violent crime five years earlier.

     Meanwhile, news breaks that the Vice President of the United States is dying of an aggressive brain tumor, and the handsome junior U.S. Senator from Washington is about to slide like hot butter into a position one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Does he have a dark, maybe even criminal, side? Are the witnesses being murdered because a secret grand jury is in session?

     Carly and Jack, and his network, need to keep the witnesses alive--and stay alive themselves to tell the story before it's too late.

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